Sunday, February 24, 2008


This is another image from a few years ago that I scanned recently. It's an image I didn't do much with when I originally shot it.
Bryan's fabulous trapezious muscles are the focus of the photo, but the water from the hot tub he is sitting in creates some interesting light and figure distortions that create a somewhat abstract effect.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Romantic Duo

The images this week are from the same shoot as two weeks ago, however these are initial scans of the film I shot.

Then I went one step further and applied the Orton effect to the images in Photoshop before saving them for a romantic effect.

The film shots are on IR film, but unfortunately not the Kodak IR film I love so much. It seems that Kodak discontinued production of their IR film last December. These photos were taken with the Rollei IR film, which does not have the same dramatic effect.

I also experimented with the Ilford IR film on this shoot. It was even more disappointing. The results were not significantly different than shooting regular black and white.

I have discovered another brand of IR film sold by FreeStyle that I am trying in my next shoot that promises to be more like the Kodak film in that it is much more heat sensitive, and like the Kodak film needs to be loaded in complete darkness and stored immediately in a plastic film canister to protect it from heat/light leaks. I am hoping all this means that it will be equivalent photographically, but we'll see.

I understand that digital is replacing film, but there will always be some things film does that digital cannot duplicate -- like black and white IR photography. It's a niche market that film makers would do well to keep alive, even if they charge more for the film.

Is my dinosaur tail showing?

For extra credit, readers of this blog can try to read the writing on TJ's arm. At one point during the shoot he explained the origin of all his tattoos, but I confess I was too busy adjusting my lighting...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Damon in the Dark Room

I spent some time in the dark room this weekend working on prints from last years shoot with Damon. The first two images in this week's blog are scans of the prints from my work in the dark room.

These two are new images I have not previously posted here or on my website, although there are plenty of Damon images on my website right now, as a result of a recent site refresh.

The third image is one I have posted here before, but I include it again because I have posted it on ebay for sale this week. Starting bid is $10. For anyone interested in buying the print, the link is

I would have posted the first image in this blog, but ebay has some strict rules about full frontal nudity which make posting images like this more difficult. They have to be placed in a special section and they won't allow PayPal to be used for the purchase, and relying on personal checks is just too cumbersome. If any of you are interested in buying the more adult image, you can contact me directly by my e-mail link from this site.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Two Times Two

Something I have done very little of and want to do more of -- duos.

When you've spent most of your time shooting just one guy, learning to shoot two is a little like learning to juggle. Just when you were getting good at tossing around one ball, all of a sudden you've got a second one to worry about. Not only do you need to light, position, compose an image that makes them both look good, you also need to make sure they look like they're into each other.

It's not easy for the models either, because even if you like each other, it's not easy to forget about the guy with the camera standing a few feet away, fiddling with lights and giving you directions.

These are two digital shots from a photo shoot this afternoon of TJ and Miguel, reduced to gray scale and given a slight warm tone.

We shot several rolls of infrared film. I'm anxious to see how they come out. Stay tuned.

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