Saturday, January 31, 2015

On a Rock

I worked with Doug Zimmerman long, long ago - first at a modeling workshop, then privately at this location in southern California (Devil's Punchbowl).

This shot attempts to make use of the harsh direct sunlight at the top of  the ridge to define Doug's muscularity. Doug's face is cast in shadows as a side effect, which is not ordinarily ideal. In this case it seems to communicate an inward focus.

Morning Light

This gem is an edit of an image from a shoot several years ago with Alex Haun.

It's from a series of images shot through french doors looking into a bedroom.

You may find other images from this series with Alex and other models on this blog.

In most cases these images were shot with a stationary camera on a tripod to keep the room stationary while with model moves.

The point of this is to create images that can be superimposed over each other to create multiple shots of the same model in the room. Examples of these images can also be found on this blog.


This blog has suffered some neglect this month as I've focussed on building a social media following on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven't checked out my Facebook page ( or my Twitter feed (@tmphysiography), please do. I have been posting work at least every day this month and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 

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