Sunday, August 05, 2012

Rock Perch

The rocky hills near Porter Ranch in the north San Fernando valley look like a set for the home of the Flintstones. I've used the hiking trails and the climbing rocks in the area numerous times for photoshoots.

In His Hands

This popular bodybuilding pose, executed magnificently by model Bill Simpson, always appears to me as though the model is holding a large globe.

Studio Couch

My shoot with Bryan Gurneak in Manhattan years ago was in a photographer's studio. This couch, off to the side, away from the light streaming through the dirty windows, was the setting for this shot.

Swimming Pool Diary #1

This weekend I have been working on film scans of work from a shoot several years ago of model Bill Simpson, alternating with hours floating in the pool. What better image than this to represent the union of these two pursuits?

Architectural Sun

This is a companion piece to the earlier warm tone posted photo of Alain.

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