Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just Black and White

This image was created from a black and white photograph of Bryan Cramer and altered in Photoshop to remove all the gray tones.
This technique mimics creation of prints using lith film, a process I have explained before in detail. (So I won't bore regular readers with a recap.)
The technique is best on photographs that are very contrasty to begin with.
This photo was taken in direct window light which created harsh shadows which were a challenge to work with when making a standard print with full tonal range if you strive to show detail in the shadows.

Marble Shower (continued)

This photograph is from the same photoshoot and series and the post from yesterday.
The marble's white reflective surface provides lots of even lighting.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Marble Shower

One of my all time favorite photographs of model Derek Russo from a photo shoot several years ago at a friend's house.
The most amazing thing to me about this photo and several others in the series is that all I did was put Derek in the shower and ask him to sit down. Derek brought the pensive facial expression and mood into the picture on his own. This was the moment I fully realized just how talented Derek is as a model.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Josh by Window Light

At left a rare recent out of studio photograph of a model named Josh.
Photographs by windows are, if not a cliche, at least a staple of male body photography, mainly because they usually offer soft, indirect light that models the body well without creating harsh shadows. (Unless of course you photograph on the side of the house that is getting direct sunlight, but that would defeat the purpose.)
The tall windows in most of the rooms are one of the things that attracted me to the house I live in. That and the secluded pool in the backyard. It's nice to have photographic venues in your home.

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