Saturday, February 02, 2008

Two Times Two

Something I have done very little of and want to do more of -- duos.

When you've spent most of your time shooting just one guy, learning to shoot two is a little like learning to juggle. Just when you were getting good at tossing around one ball, all of a sudden you've got a second one to worry about. Not only do you need to light, position, compose an image that makes them both look good, you also need to make sure they look like they're into each other.

It's not easy for the models either, because even if you like each other, it's not easy to forget about the guy with the camera standing a few feet away, fiddling with lights and giving you directions.

These are two digital shots from a photo shoot this afternoon of TJ and Miguel, reduced to gray scale and given a slight warm tone.

We shot several rolls of infrared film. I'm anxious to see how they come out. Stay tuned.

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