Sunday, March 22, 2009

Window Light 2

This is another from today's shoot.


This image is from the same shoot with Brandon.

Window Light

Today's image is from a photo shoot this weekend with Branden, a model I met on Model Mayhem a few weeks ago. The image was desaturated in Photoshop.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


As I have been building a gallery of work for Fine Art America, I have been looking through many old negatives and culling interesting work from prior shoots. This image is one that I don't believe I even printed when I first shot it, yet the light play on David Mahoney's well defined back muscles is nothing short of spectacular.

The Difference

This image is another experiment with digital double exposures -- double exposures created using layers in Photoshop. The model is Craig Davidson. The two images I used to create the double exposure are one frame apart on the same roll. That might seem obvious since there is very little difference in Craig's size and position between the two images, but in most cases the images I decide to use for this effect are not adjacent on the roll. Sometimes they aren't even on the same roll. To create this image I used the Photoshop blending mode "difference" which inspired the title of the image.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Labor Day

This image is from the same photoshoot with Dave Clark as the last post. Shot on color transparency film with a Mamiya 645AF. The rich color is a result of the wonderful medium format color transparency film and the time of day. It was early evening. The pool was completely in shade, creating lovely indirect light with a bluish tint.

The weekend I shot this I was renting the medium format Mamiya to evaluate it before buying one. Moving from 35mm to medium format film seemed like the logical step in my artistic evolution. A few weeks later I bought the Mamiya -which I still have but use infrequently. Once I buy a Canon 5d Mark II - which is a 22megapixel camera - the Mamiya will be completely unnecessary equipment for me.

This will date the shoot further. It was the Labor Day weekend before 9/11.

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