Sunday, August 27, 2006


Bryan came to me by way of an agent who was taking him around to various photographers to build his portfolio. I worked with this same agent on several other portfolio building assignments. Bryan was by far the most talented model she presented. He and I hit it off creatively and did one more shoot later that year.
This style of photography is not what I normally do and is probably a lot more commercial than my other work, but it was fun working with Bryan and stretching myself a little.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Red Brick

This is another "catalog" image from an earlier shoot several years ago. The summer I shot this I had shoulder surgery and for several months was not allowed to lift even a camera. In early September, when this shot was taken, I scheduled a shoot with Dave, a model from San Diego.

I also rented a medium format camera to experiment with, the same model I eventually bought -- a Mamiya 645AF. I still love working with this camera, even though last year I purchased a digital SLR. The negatives -- or in this case positive, since this was slide film -- are so large and the images are so sharp and vivid.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


This picture is another one from the archives. When Paul came to the shoot I mentioned I wanted to take his picture in bed with roses scattered all around him. We spent a few minutes "staging" the room. We put the furniture askew, scattered some loose clothes around and mussed up the bed. Then Paul undressed and completed the scene.

The series we shot is one of the best of my career as a photographer, because Paul really put himself into the scene emotionally and creatively. This shot is one of the best of the best.

The second photo is from a series we shot in color.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Bryan was one of the first models I ever photographed. The photos on this page are from my second photo session with him. The location is a deserted and dilapidated grotto on the Pacific coast near San Pedro, California.
Bryan had one of the most perfectly amazing physiques of any model I ever shot. He was not only large, but his proportions were balanced and his muscle definition was superb.
Not only that but he had a shy, sweet personality and was easy to work with as a model.
Some might say that his face could have been better lit in these shots, and I guess if I had an assistant along on the shoot, I probably would have used a reflector on it, but I like the way these turned out any way. Keeping his face in the shadows suggests a little of the shyness of his personality and brings out a little of his boyishness too.

I have lost track of Bryan over the years. I don't know where he lives or what he is doing now, but I hope he is well and I like to think he is still working out and in even better condition than he was seven years ago.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Leather Pants

Yvan is a very popular model who has worked with many, many photographers. I have worked with him twice myself over the years. He is also an actor and a personal trainer.
When you work with Yvan you only need to give him the germ of an idea and he will give you rolls and rolls of great shots.
This photo is from a series using a pair of leather pants as a prop.
Yvan has a website that follows his activities in text, photos and video. Click on the "Leather Pants" title to see it.

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