Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jock Strap

This image is from one of my first photo shoots at a nude figure workshop. The model's name is Tony. The location is a stretch of desert east of San Diego. This was shot with color film, grey scaled and then toned.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Alan Effects

These two images are both based on the same photography of Alan. The first is a reversal or negative of the image.
The second image is a digital variant of the Lith technique whereby you use a negative to create a positive image on Lithographic film; then use you Lith positive to create a Lith negative; then print a positive from the final Lith negative. Taking the image through these steps with Lith film eliminates the gray tones and turns everything to either flat black or flat white. The Photoshop digital equivalent of this technique is much simpler and less time consuming. Basically you adjust the image using the Curves dialoge box and force the dark half fo the image to black and the light half to white. I used to spend literally days doing this technique the old way. The only down side is that the Photoshop technique is so easy that what used to feel like an art technique not feels like a simple digital trick. If it's not difficult, can it be art?

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