Sunday, December 30, 2007

Out With the Old

This week several of my favorite images that were photographed during 2007 are not only here in my final blog for 2007, they are available for sale on eBay.
Both are open edition black and white silver gelatin prints on fiber paper printed by me to archival specifications. The images are 8 by 12 inches on 11 by 14 inch matte paper. The starting bid for both is $10.00, which is considerably less than the amount charged for gallery prints on my website.

The first image displayed in this blog is of model Dwain Leland. The shot comes from one of my favorite shoots of the year.

The second image is of Alan Demond, an amazingly gifted bodybuilder.

I enjoyed working with both of these models so much that I shot them twice and each time the results of our creative collaboration were amazing.

The image of Dwain is available at this URL

The image of Alan is available at this URL

Since the image of Alan is a full frontal, you will need to have your eBay filters set to allow access to items for Mature Audiences before you can see it.

I have two other photographs listed at the same time. One more of Dwain and one of Olivier Herranz.

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  1. I envy you in the same room with Alan...even more,I envy the images you guys created together


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