Monday, May 28, 2007

Talent Search

The guys on this page have one thing in common. They contacted me directly to model for me, as opposed to my finding them through an agency.
Those of you who have poked around my website may have noticed a “talent search” page. These pages are a staple of physique photographer web sites, and they all pretty much say the same things:
The photographer is looking for new talent. They are willing to work with inexperienced models. They either pay or they are willing to provide prints for free in exchange for modeling services.
Over the years a number of models have contacted me directly after viewing my work on the web, but not nearly as many as I would like. Consequently most of the guys whose pictures I post come from agencies. That’s not exactly bad, but it means I shoot the same guys as the other photographers working in this genre, and sometimes it’s better to shoot someone no other photographer has ever worked with, or at least someone I might not otherwise see if I work with the same agencies.
So today’s blog is dedicated to smoking out the fitness aficionados among my regular readers, or even friends of fitness aficionados who would like to nominate a potential model.
The guys who have worked with me find that I am easy going, professional, creative and flexible. And I really am looking for guys who look like the guys in my posted photographs. Maybe you aren’t interested in modeling as a career, but maybe you would like to capture your physique in professional photographs as a keepsake or for self promotion on dating web sites.
If you or a friend are interested, these are some things you should know up front. I do most my work in a studio in Los Angeles, so living or visiting Los Angeles is almost always a prerequisite.
My work is predominately art nudes. You need to be comfortable and confident about modeling without clothes. The work is sexy, but not erotic. If you have look at my web site you can see I don’t cross that line. You have to be 18 or older and I require proof of age before we start shooting.
My rights to the work are negotiated up front. You sign a release that typically gives me usages like photography books, gallery prints, calendars and cards, but exclude most commercial uses. A copy of the typical release is posted on my web site and available by e-mail as well.
Your physical conditioning is the most important consideration to working with me. I specialize in very well-defined physiques. Not every one of them is huge, but they are all very well-defined. A good place to start your self-evaluation is your abs. Are they all visible?
To start the process, send me some sort of photograph that shows your body. It doesn’t need to be a nude photograph. I just need to see your musculature and your muscle definition. My e-mail address is

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