Sunday, December 10, 2006


I spoke too soon last week about the photographs of Derek Russo. Turns out I mis-read my calendar. My shoot with Derek is NEXT weekend. So rest assured I'll post something new of Derek next Sunday.
In the meantime, I have posted a photograph from my second shoot with Derek about five years ago.
The whole shoot was at a friends large home in the Hollywood Hills. This photograph is taken outdoors in a large fountains that flows into the swimming pool.

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  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Hey there, Thomas!

    I´m a brazilian fan of Derek Russo and just got to your weblog totally by accident.

    So you´re a male nude photographer? Great, man! And you´ve worked with Derek, huh? Damn, I´d really like to know what was it like! How is he like? Was it the first time you met him? How long did the photo shoot take? And when will you post some new photos of him?

    Your work is very interesting, sexy and strong. Great models, great concept and production! Congratulations!

    Would I be too abusive asking you to email me telling how is it to work with Derek? I´d really love hear it from you!

    Cheers, man! Take care! Happy New Year!



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