Thursday, August 10, 2006


Bryan was one of the first models I ever photographed. The photos on this page are from my second photo session with him. The location is a deserted and dilapidated grotto on the Pacific coast near San Pedro, California.
Bryan had one of the most perfectly amazing physiques of any model I ever shot. He was not only large, but his proportions were balanced and his muscle definition was superb.
Not only that but he had a shy, sweet personality and was easy to work with as a model.
Some might say that his face could have been better lit in these shots, and I guess if I had an assistant along on the shoot, I probably would have used a reflector on it, but I like the way these turned out any way. Keeping his face in the shadows suggests a little of the shyness of his personality and brings out a little of his boyishness too.

I have lost track of Bryan over the years. I don't know where he lives or what he is doing now, but I hope he is well and I like to think he is still working out and in even better condition than he was seven years ago.

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