Sunday, March 01, 2009

Labor Day

This image is from the same photoshoot with Dave Clark as the last post. Shot on color transparency film with a Mamiya 645AF. The rich color is a result of the wonderful medium format color transparency film and the time of day. It was early evening. The pool was completely in shade, creating lovely indirect light with a bluish tint.

The weekend I shot this I was renting the medium format Mamiya to evaluate it before buying one. Moving from 35mm to medium format film seemed like the logical step in my artistic evolution. A few weeks later I bought the Mamiya -which I still have but use infrequently. Once I buy a Canon 5d Mark II - which is a 22megapixel camera - the Mamiya will be completely unnecessary equipment for me.

This will date the shoot further. It was the Labor Day weekend before 9/11.

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