Sunday, October 12, 2008

Something Different

I shot this image of professional bodybuilder Kevin Levrone about ten years ago at the Mr. Olympia in Los Angeles. The photograph was taken from my seat in the audience with at telephoto lens, without flash and with a high speed film -- most likely 1600 ASA. The grain is a result of the high speed film.
For several years in the ninties I took my camera to bodybuilding events and shot several rolls of high speed film from my seat. With a 300mm lens on a 35mm camera it was fairly easy to get good shots of the pros. I got the best results when I had orchestra seats.
At this Olympia event I was seated in the balcony. Hence the photo is cropped to zero in on Kevin and there is more grain than usual.
Tickets for the Iron Man Invitational held every year in Los Angeles during February were less expensive and it was easy to get seats just a few rows back.
If you try this, the key is to use a 1600 ASA film and turn off your flash. Your flash won't do any good anyway because it only reaches about ten feet. It just makes you look stupid to real photographers.

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