Monday, December 03, 2007

Arch Again

You are not imagining it. You have seen this image before. I don't ordinarily repeat photographs in my blog, but this is a special case.
This weekend I spent some time in the darkroom and made several prints of Alex Westfalen, including this one.
I have put the print up for sale on eBay today.
The print is a silver gelatin print on glossy fiber-based paper, printed to archival specifications.
The image itself is 8x12 inches printed on 11x14 inch paper.
The starting bid is only $10, although there is a $6 shipping fee to points in the US.
Although I have always offered prints of my work for sale, this is the first time I have offered one of the items from my blog on eBay during the week it appeared in the blog.
The normal price for this type of print on my website would be $75, so if you're lucky you could grab this one for a pittance.
If this auction is successful, expect to see more coordinated print sales in the future.

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