Sunday, November 11, 2007


The images this week are composites created with Photoshop. Regular readers of my blog will recognize them as part of the ongoing series of photos shot in the French Doors at the back of my house. These particular shots are from a photo session yesterday with a model named Damon.

I turned Damon into twins by opening two of the photos in Photoshop, dragging one photo on top of the other to create a layer over the first, then masking part of the top layer to expose the image of Damon on the bottom layer. In order to make it easy to match the two photos, the entire doorway photo session was shot with a tripod to keep the camera in exactly the same position relative to the doorway. All the
camera settings (aperature, shutter speed,
white balance and focus) were kept the same from shot to shot. Damon was clued in to the plan so that he stayed on one side of the doorway or the other and occasionally gave me shots where he appeared to look to the side at his other self.

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  1. WOW! I like these so much better than the solo men... almost as if the models have a natural dialogue with themselves, even across time.



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