Friday, December 29, 2006

Fountain King

This photo of Derek Russo is from several years ago on the same shoot as the photo I published a week or two ago. This part of the shoot was in and around a stainless steel fountain on a property in the Hollywood Hills. In this picture Derek is standing at the end of a long channel just above the point where the water falls into a small pool before cascading into a swimming pool below that.
The photo is a 35mm color transparency shot with available light augmented by a reflector in the shadows of his chest.

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  1. Hi, Tom! I found your site from Beautiful. I am glad I did. I definitely enjoy your photography. The unexpected bonus was finding "Reep's Daggle"! What a wonder narative you've started, and one with which I can relate. I am a big fan of Kal-El, Bruce, Hal, Diana and the gang from the moment I can read (I think! 52's kinda numbed my brain.). I encourage you to continue! I can't collect like I use to! These days I am drawn to the art (for a number of reason) rather than the characters. Consequently, my buying habits are sporadic and I lose continuity. Anyway, I want to hear more! And post more photography while you're at it! Thanks, keep up the good work in 2007 and have fun!


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